Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

When you’ve finally made the decision to adopt a dog, it can be a very long and tiring process trying to figure out what type of breed you’re interested in. One thing a lot of people overlook is adopting a dog that might be slightly older. Here are some of the top reasons you should consider adopting an older pet to be the newest addition to your family!


When you find the puppy of your dreams, it’s a very exciting time in your life, but many people notice that the transition from puppy to adult dog is harder than they thought. Whether the dog doesn’t grow to what you anticipated or the behaviors they develop over time aren’t behaviors you expected, these are all things that can occur while they’re growing.

The benefits of finding an adult dog to adopt is that you never have to worry about these issues. This is clearly because the dog is already full grown and after the age of two, generally they’ve picked up all the behaviors they’re going to carry with them the rest of their dog lives. If you find an adult dog that you like, you’ll never have an issue with their size as they grow older.

Easy to train

Training might be one of the most difficult parts of having a dog, especially when you get them as a puppy. One of the greatest benefits of adopting an adult dog is that they’re usually 100% trained, and when they’re not already, they’re much easier to train than puppies. This is because they’re calmer and listen better to your commands.

Settle in quickly

Since older dogs have obviously been around longer and most likely have been around the block, they’ve already learned what it takes to get along with others and become part of a pack. This means they’ll be more apt to become a member of the family and warm up to everyone quicker than say an adopted puppy.

Better behavior

When you have a puppy, you better be prepared with all of the cleaning supplies, because it will inevitably get messy. Getting up at 3am, cleaning up messes, etc, this process can get extremely tiring. However, if you find an adult dog that’s a little more mature, you don’t have to worry about this. Aside from them being potty trained, chances are they’ll also be able to be left alone without tearing up all of your furniture while you’re gone.

Easy to take care of

The older a dog is, the easier they are to take care of. It’s as simple as that. As a dog gets older, their energy levels generally decrease and because of that, you’re not constantly worrying about taking them for long walks or giving them as much exercise as possible. They’re much happier just sitting by your side or cuddling with you as they are going outside and running around.

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