Dog License Tags: From the Pup’s POV

Dog license tags are a highly practical investment for a pet owner, serving as a cost-effective tool that ensures that your pet, should he stray, is easily identifiable in order to facilitate a painless reunification as soon as possible. That’s not to mention that these jangling bits of metal are quite inexpensive—and also mandatory—so they’re certainly cheaper than the fines one has to pay if their dog turns up without one. Thus, dog license tags are, in a word, a no-brainer.

We have written before about the general utility of dog license tags for pet owners. But what about what they have to offer for the pets themselves? Think about it from the pup’s point of view too.

The life of a newly adopted puppy must be hard to adjust to: they suddenly find themselve thrust in a new environment, with unfamiliar smells, and surrounded by tall, alien creatures who frequently emit an odd noise, which they eventually surmise is their name. (Can a dog even grasp the concept of a “name”?)

And now, after so many strange experiences, this human is affixing a foreign metal object around his neck. That peculiar medallion is the dog license tag, an object whose purpose is too abstract for a dog to even remotely understand. Perhaps the little jangling license tag banging against the rabies tag is a little annoying at first, along with the unnatural collar; but soon they get used to it, and perhaps even find it relaxing. But still, they don’t understand exactly what it could be for. It’s all just another part of their strange, new world.

Now, when it comes to curiosity, dogs don’t quite have the reputation of cats. But they should! Go ahead, leave a door open and see what happens. Any self-respecting canine will seize his chance to bolt. They mean no harm, they’re merely keen to explore, and they do intend to come home. But sometimes that unbridled curiosity gets the best of them, and they end up lost.

Now your pooch is out on the town, but there’s no joy in it anymore. Soon the dog becomes stressed out because he can’t find his way home. An unfamiliar man in a uniform tries to catch him, but that’s scary, so he runs away. But then a nice lady sees your dog and speaks softly in a friendly manner. She also feeds him a treat. Having won his trust, she can take a look at the tags and know he’s not a feral stray and that he’s safe and rabies free. She dials someone on the phone and the next thing the dog knows, his owner is at the door, ready to take him home. Only now does he begin to appreciate (if not fully understand) what the dog license tag is for: it makes sure he doesn’t get lost forever!

Okay, perhaps it’s a tad optimistic that your dog will connect the dots and see the purpose of the odd little dog license tag you’ve hung on his collar, but he’ll certainly be grateful to be finally back home. It’s not just a matter of complying with the law because “you’re supposed to,” and to avoid some fines. More importantly, given that pets are living things too with their own feelings, it’s about looking out for their interests and making sure your pet is always safe and accounted for, and that he doesn’t have to go through anything traumatic like a prolonged separation from his home while his owner attempts to track him down without the proper tool at their disposal.

Dog license tags are that tool; and for how inexpensive and straightforward-to-use they are, the cost–benefit ratio of ensuring your pet never misses home makes them an obvious choice for any dog owner.

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