Keeping Pets Safe In Summer Heat

Bonzer in the kiddie Pool
Even though the end of the summer is approaching, there are plenty of warm days left. In order to keep your pets healthy, you need to make sure they’re safe in the summer heat. Even if it the temperature feels okay to you, it might not feel okay to your pet! Read this guide for some advice on keeping them safe and sound.

Looking for Heatstroke in Pets

A high body temperature means your pet is in danger.  If it’s between 104 and 110 degrees (specifically for dogs and cats) you should seek veterinary help immediately. Often times, however, you won’t be able to tell what the body temperature is. Look out for other clues – like your pet walking differently, excessive panting, a very fast heartbeat, salivation, and more. When you cool down your pet, make sure you’re doing it properly. You never want to put ice water on your pet; it will make them more cold and potentially create more damage.

Never Leave Your Pet in the Car

No pet owner is an exception to this rule. Even if you intend to run into a store for a minute, it could take a lot longer than you planned. And heat rises rapidly in a car. Think about the times you’ve come back to your car in the summer. It’s always hot, right? Imagine your pet being in there. Rolling the windows down slightly won’t help either – the temperature in the car won’t drop significantly enough. Remember that animals can feel as hot as you do, so leave your pet at home, or make sure you’re going to places that are pet friendly.

Keep Water Stocked

It seems simple, but you’ll probably need more water for your pet than you think. Make sure it’s clean, fresh, and changed often. Like humans, pets lose water through sweating, but also through panting. If you need to install something to hook up to your outdoor faucet, by all means, do it!

Keep Your Pets in a Cool Area

When it’s really hot out, pets should be kept out of direct sunlight. Shade is a pet’s friend. Try getting your pet a kiddie pool if tget can swim. Just remember – pets can get sunburned. Just like for humans, sunburns aren’t healthy!

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