5 Tips for Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors

Do cats truly enjoy the outdoors? It’s a debatable topic. On one hand, the outdoors are a completely free place to roam around. On the other hand, there are an endless number of dangers; cars, fights for territory, and diseases are just a few. Despite the life of the average outdoor cat being only 2-3 years, the outdoors are what cats are built for. It’s part of their natural instinct to survive outside. But the truth of the matter is that cats are safer and better off inside. They’ll mostly likely live 5 – 10x as long. Here are some tips on how to make an outdoor cat a happy indoor cat:


Most of the time, cats won’t readily exercise when you want them to. But cats need exercise just like most other animals. You don’t need to attach a leash and walk them down the street…you can try a variety of simple exercises, like waving a laser pointer around, tossing some ping pong balls, or giving catnip incentives once in awhile. Or better yet, a cat treadmill!

Getting your cat to exercise is essentially you spending time/playing with your cat, which is very important in itself.

Screened-In Porches:

A screened-in porch is one of the best investments a cat owner can make. Why? It pleases the owner too. Nothing beats relaxing in a screened-in porch during the spring and summer. And cats love them because they enjoy the fresh air and looking out at nature. Just make sure the screens are fully secured so the cat won’t jump out, or be tempted to jolt at wildlife prey.

Quality Cat Food

An outdoor cat is used to eating any junk that will allow them to survive. And if you can feed them better, healthier food, they’ll be happier. A pretty simple concept right? This slideshow from PetMD will help you decide what the best food to feed your cat is.

Allow Climbing

Cats love climbing. It allows them to get a good look at everything. But how do you allow a cat to climb in the house? A cat tower or a cat tree. You can find these at pet stores for under $100, although for nicer ones you can end up spending upwards of $500.

Adding Another Cat

Wait…what? Cats actually like other cats? Most of the time, yes. It might take a little while for the cats to adjust to each other, but if done properly, you can give your cat a friend. A cat of the opposite sex may be the best bet.

And in the chance that your cat does escape its way back to an outdoor lifestyle, a cat tag is always a good idea.

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