Recognizing & Caring for a Sick Pet

sick puppy

It doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us when I say that this winter has been brutal. We have faced piercing cold temperatures and have been pounded with snow. We also, have had some surprisingly nice days. It’s always a nice thing when the sun comes out, but its not nice when your head starts to pound and your nose starts to run. As adults, we know our bodies well enough to feel “sickness” approaching. Children are able to voice their concerns when they start feeling ill. But, pets? Do you know your pet well enough to know if something isn’t right? And how are you supposed to care for them when they are feeling under the weather. Check out these tips and be alert of some of the symptoms.

How to Tell if Your Pet is Sick

Always a clear sign that something is not right with your pet. While it might just be something simple as coughing up that green grass they snuck in at the park, it could also be something a little bit more serious. As unappetizing as it may be, you must investigate the materials. Are there colors? Undigested food? Liquid only? These key observances will help aid your veterinarian into determining the cause. Same goes for diarrhea. As gross as it may be, pay attention.

Change in Appetite:
Whether an overly excited eater is suddenly not interested in dinner, or a super picky eater is suddenly eating everything in sight, a change in eating patterns can pose a serious problem. There could be experiencing a virus or have a digestive problem. Be observant, these poor guys can’t always tell us what they want.

Other Physical and Behavioral Symptoms:

– Watery eyes
– Unease of balance
– Ear discharge
– Irregular or lack there of bowel movements
– Excessive panting
– Coughing

The list is long, and the possibilities of physical and behavioral indications could be anything and may differ per breed/per pet. Trust your gut. If you think something is wrong, go to a vet. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Care for Your Sick Pet

If your little guy or gal is under the weather you might want to make some small changes around the house to help nurse up a speedy recovery. If your vet gave you medications, make sure you know how to distribute them properly.

Quiet Time:
Personally, when I’m sick, all I want to do is bundle up in my coziest PJ’s and snuggle in my bed. Make a similar room for your pup. Clean up their area and fluff up their pet bed with clean, warm, and dry blankets. Make sure there is always fresh water available.

Bath Time:
Splish Splash, let’s take a bath. If your pup is down in the dumps or is not feeling ill, maybe a small sponge bath rinse is just what the doctor ordered.

After your pet heals, they will be full of energy and you can both get back to your daily routines!

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