A Cats Meow. Understanding The Feline.

thinking cat

We all know that your furry feline has a mind of it’s own, but how smart is it exactly? A cat’s intelligence is determined by its ability to learn, solve, and adapt to its environment. It might be safe to say, if you can understand the cat’s brain and how it works, you might be able to better understand your furry friend and all of their antics.

The Cats Brain

A cat’s brain is separated into different areas that each performs specialized tasks. Feline’s are smart because each area is interconnected and can rapidly share information. Every part of their brain is working together quickly which enables your cat to quickly think on its feet. In most cases, this allows them to manipulate the situation so that it favors them the most.


Cats have the ability to store both short and long term memory. In their world, practice makes perfect and they learn best by observation. Have you noticed that after so many times, your cat will  just start to open up doors and cupboards? It’s not a coincidence… they are secretly watching your every move. As a kitten, they pick up tips and tricks from their mother. As they mature into cat status it is all about trial and error.

Cats are not motivated in the same way dogs are. Dogs have been trained to guard, protect, herd and assist. Cats, being the opportunists they are, slowly take their time to investigate every alley and blind corner. Who knows where their prey might be hiding in the real world?

Similar to dogs, different types of breeds have different type of personalities. The only difference is, most people don’t ask “what type of cat is that” because to us, they are all the same. Here are a few of my favorites and some traits to be aware of.

maine coonMaine Coon:
Also known as the American Longhair, the Maine coon is the second largest breed of domestic cat. Commonly known as the “gentle giants” these beautiful creatures can be spotted with long elegant fur. They are extremely personable, easily trained, and just like being in the company of a human. Although not your typical lap-cat, they are more considered your best bud.

These little leopard creatures are so stunningly beautiful, but they also have a mind of their own. Before you go ahead and adopt or purchase one of these guys there are a couple things to keep in mind. They might cuddle, when it’s convenient for them. Their idea of a good time is climbing, chasing, and investigating. Think rambunctious when considering this type of breed.

Oh my goodness, can these sweet little munchkins get any cuter? Seriously? I can’t even take it sometimes. Incredibly intelligent, these adorable kitties will test your skills. They love to jump, and are pretty good at it considering their long legs. The Siberian kitty will also find ways to talk to you. A purring machine when it feels loved and a chirping noise to exchange in a quick convo.

Lisa Podwirny is the owner of Ketchum Mfg. Connect with her on Google+

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Teaching Your Cat To Behave

sleeping kitty

Cats. Those interesting creatures can be a hit or miss. It’s like you can strike gold and get a cuddly little snuggly creature, or you can strike out and end up with an anti-social, no fun, keeps to itself, super rough and tough cat. These ferocious felines are so unpredictable. One thing that’s great about owning a cat is the fact that they are so independent…that if it came down to it, they could totally take care of themselves. So if you’re single, crazy busy, and looking for a companion…investing in a cat might just be what you’re looking for. Intimidated by the unknown? I don’t blame you. However, with the right amount of attention and patience, a cat can totally be trained into the perfect little kitty.

Before training starts it is important to understand that Cats do not speak English. They speak feline. A foreign language that is nearly impossible to learn. They learn by experience. If the experience is good, they will repeat it. If the experience is bad, they will try to avoid it. 

With that being said, the key to training a cat is simple (insert laughs here):

Whatever you want your cat to do must be exceedingly rewarding and pleasurable (lots of cat treats).

Whatever you don’t want your cat to do must never be fun or rewarding. It must be unpleasant.

Keep in mind: Reprimanding your cat will usually work against you.

Cats are not like dogs. If you see a wet spot on your kitchen floor, you can’t drag your cat to the spot, yell at it, and send it to the litter box. Doing this will associate “you reaching for them” as a bad experience, and the litter box is a torture chamber. Punishing them makes them stressed out. Stressed out cats will behave badly.

Your dog, wants to please you. They love you and their lives are surrounded by the only sole purpose of pleasing you. Cats, don’t care. It is important to remember this. The best way to “punish” your cat is to basically increase their playtime. Give them a reason to behave not a reason to misbehave. I know, it sounds twisted and complicated… but who said cats aren’t complicated? No one.

Use the Positive Reinforcement Training Method.

begging kitty

To speed up the process, use tasty treats and a clicker. I’m sure you would have guessed the tasty treats part to this process, but a clicker? If you don’t have a clicker on hand a pen will work just fine.

The instant your cat does something you like, click, and then offer them a treat. The click lets your cat know the instant he does the right thing… it will help him catch on faster. Like humans, cats learn through repetition. Like a human with attention deficit disorder, cats get bored easily.

Keep your trick time short, and switch up the drills when they start to catch on.

Some people crave the challenge of the Cat. It takes some work to make them love you, but when they do, they’ll love you like no one else will. I hope this post helps you bond with your feline friend.

Matching Bracelets

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Lisa Podwirny is the owner of Ketchum Mfg. Connect with her on Google+

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