To Declaw or Not Declaw? That is the Question.

We all love our furry little four legged felines, but let’s be honest. When they attack your furniture, blinds, curtains, and skin their prickly little claws can be a pain. Some may think it’s similar to getting your baby girls ear-pierced at a young age, and argue that they won’t remember. Others think the process is too traumatic, and compare it to removing the fingertips of human hands.

Let’s go over the Pros and Cons. You can make your own decision.

Con: It’s actually like cutting the tip of your finger off!

The actual procedure sounds pretty awful.
In order to declaw your feline, a piece of the bone the claw grows from has to be removed. To do so, you actually have to carve into a piece of the bone. (see diagram below)

Cat Declaw Operation Diagram

Not so much the simple nail trim we are eager to believe.

Con: Physical and Emotional Problems

When you remove the claw, the cat tends to lose it’s mojo. If you think about it, their history involves them using their claws as a weapon of defense. They also like to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Removing their claws would take away their ability to brush out their hair and remove tangles. This could cause personality issues. Beware of the angry kitty below.

Angry Kitty

If you choose to declaw make sure you stop at the pet store and grab a brush to maintain that pretty coat of fur (should help with the shedding too!)

Pro: Save your Furniture! Save your blinds!

It’s a territorial thing. Dogs pee on trees and cats scratch furniture. It just is what it is. The most obvious pro to having your cat declawed is to prevent it from ruining your newly paid leather sofa or sheer curtains.

Pro: Protect yourself from those sharp nails!

Whether it be accidental or intentional you never really know when your cat is going to bust out those little diggers. I think everyone can agree it is a sting and leaves a nice little red scratch on your skin. Declawing your cat could prevent any scramble search for a first aid kit and eliminate the constant need for Neosporin.

Poor little guy took it like a champ!

Ultimately it is your decision. Everyone is different and has their own morals and values.  Weigh your own personal pros and cons and if you do decide to declaw your feline, just make sure to make the necessary steps to a healthy recovery!

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