Tips for Photographing Your Pet

The end of the year is near, and it’s about that time where people start to send out their annual holiday cards. Some people send out the generic “Happy Holiday’s” cards, others make it personal, and some… attach a recent photo of their family. Personally, the photo cards are my favorite. If all the kids are away or you are dealing with an empty nest, an adorable picture of your pup is the best kind of substitute. Can’t get the little guy to sit still? Don’t worry, by the end of this post you should be a pro!

Turn off the flash!

Every time I bust out the camera, my little girl is so quick to shy away and turn her head. While she might be a bit camera shy, she probably is scared of the bright flash. If you get your pet to keep their eyes open for the picture and your flash is on, you’ll often get zombie looking laser eyes. That’s like a lose-lose for everyone involved.


Get on their level.

Perspective is very important when taking a good photograph. Taking a picture of your dog on the ground while standing up makes their legs appear short, head to appear large, and bodies to appear out of proportion.


Keep treats in your pocket.

In order to get your pup to take a perfect picture you need them to do three things. Sit/Stay, Look at you (or the camera), and have them look lively (get excited). Keep your portions small so that your pup doesn’t fill up too fast. Once you get them in the correct position make sure to shower them with love and encouragement. Yelling at them because they are “not doing it right” will only make them shut down and look miserable every time there is a camera around.


Catch them doing something naturally.

I think we can all agree that candid shots are the most fun! It’s great watching animals in their most natural state of mind. If for some reason your pet can smell the treats hidden in your pocket from the previous tip, try looking away and ignoring them.


Once you have your shot, making Christmas cards can be pretty inexpensive! I would look on Shutterfly, Vistaprint, Walmart, or Snapfish. All of these companies typically have specials running throughout December to help you save on cost! From my furry family to yours—Happy Holidays!













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