2014 New Years Resolutions For You And Your Pet

Leading into the New Year, you have to remember that goals aren’t just for people. The start of a new year can signal a fresh start for pets too. Everyone always wants to be more active and healthy, why not incorporate your pet in those goals too. Here are five good resolutions you and your pet can conquer together.

1. Be Active TogetherDog Hike with Owner

From hiking to kayaking, taking your pets with you on your new exercise is actually easier than you may think. Not only is it a great way to bond, but also both owner and pet will acquire the benefits of a healthy physical activity.

2. Schedule a Doctor Visit

Similar to yourself, you want to visit a doctor at the start to a new year to make sure everything is normal, up to par, good to go. The same type of routine should go hand in hand for your pet. Yearly examinations by the vet are important. Not only can they can give you important insights about their weight, but a yearly visit also acts as a preventative screening to catch or address any diseases or illness early on.


cat in cardboard box3. More Playtime

It’s a known fact, cats can be lazy. If you incorporate more playtime into their daily routine, it essentially acts as means to get them off the couch! Experiment with different toys in order to understand what really gets them going. For example, try lasers and catnip for the ultimate experience. Do you have extra cardboard boxes from Christmas? Re-gift it to your feline friend, I’ve hear it can totally satisfy their desire for hiding out.


4. Groom more Regularly

This is such an important step to try and do more often. Not only does brushing your pet weekly remove the amount of fur you find around the house, but it also helps maintain a sharp looking healthy coat. Believe it or not, daily grooming also acts as a bonding experience between you and your pup. It shows them you want to take care of them while giving them a gentle massage with the brush bristles.

5. Challenge them with more tricksdog tricks

You might be thinking about starting a new hobby doing something more creative for your own self. The same goes for your pup. Mental stimulation can help reduce dementia in older animals. Don’t just give them the treats—make them work for it! Teaching your pet new tricks is a great way to keep their brain active. Keep them engaged. Learning is a virtue.

Personally speaking, my new years resolution is simple. Be Happy. More posts to come next year. Cheers! Make this year the best one yet.

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