How ID Tags Can Save a Pet’s Life

LostOne of the best items we can purchase for our pets is an identification tag. Let’s face it, accidents happen. If your pet wonders out of sight, pet ID tags can help to ensure their safe return. Even an up-to-date rabies tag on your pet will help in the returning process. Just be sure to register your pet with a veterinarian.

An ID tag is like your pet’s get-out-of-jail-free card, if ever it were to be picked up by up by Animal Control. According to The Humane Society of the U.S., pet owners reclaim 30 percent of shelter dogs each year. More shockingly, only two to five percent of cats are reclaimed yearly. While the vast majority of these stray animals have no identification, those who do often get to return home before heading to the shelter.

What should be on the tag?

At the very minimum, your phone number should be on the pet’s ID tag. This will provide the rescuer with a means to contact you. In our technologically advanced world, you may want to use your cell phone number, as you’ll likely be out looking for your pet and you’ll only be reachable by cell. Another piece of information you will want to include on your pet’s ID tag is your address. This way, if your pet were only to wander down the block, it will be more apt to be returned immediately.

Tags are cheap and accessible

Do not put your pet’s life at risk, purchase ID tags. They are super cheap and easily accessible. You can order them online or pick them up at your local veterinarian. At Ketchum, we specialize in pet identification tags. We produce all of our tags in your choice of materials, including aluminum, brass and stainless steel. We also offer a variety of shapes and sizes to match every pet identification need. More importantly, our tags are Taro models his new custom black twill collar from kninecouture.comcreated with your pet in mind. They are built to last and perfect for hanging on your pet’s collar, no matter where he or she might go.

Pet ID tags save lives; it’s as simple as that. While our country has come a long over the years increasing pet ownership and decreasing euthanasia, there are still an estimated 2.7 million healthy shelter pets not adopted each year. And with a good percentage of these pets strays, it’s more important than ever to use animal identification.

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