The Benefits of Animal ID Tags

Here at Ketchum, we sell ID tags for many different animals. We make dog tags, cat tags, cattle tags, poultry leg and wing bands, and more. But what’s the purpose? It’s 2014, there’s probably some app you can download on your iPhone to identify animals, right? Not exactly. Check out these benefits of animal ID tags:


We make plastic numbered tags that come in very handy for livestock auctions. If you’ve ever attended an auction, you know that there are a lot of people and a lot of animals. It would be virtually impossible to make order of it all without a way of identifying the animals. Our tags come in very bright orange, white, and yellow colors. You can order them blank or numbered; they’re perfect for any auction.


When it comes to farm animals, accountability is VERY important. You need to monitor animals to make sure they’re healthy, you have as many as you think you do, etc. ID tags are at the root of the system when you’re keeping track.

However, plenty of animals won’t stay on one farm their whole life – they’ll more then likely get shipped around in the process before the grocery store. At that point, accountability is, potentially, even more important. If your animals need blood tests before they leave your farm, or they need to be checked for disease, it’s important to have all animals properly accounted for. Plastic ear tags, metal ear tags, neck tags, etc. are all humane ways to identify certain animals.

Lost Pets

ID tags can save your pet’s life. If your pet gets lost, an ID tag is really the only way it could be brought back to its owner. Put your dog’s name and your phone number on the tag, at the least. The person who finds your dog will be able to comfort them by name.

Other Uses

Our tags are so durable and high quality that they go beyond being useful for animals. We had our tags being used to mark the gate positions at a ski resort. After all, they are tags — they can be used to number anything!

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