Pets That You Can Fit in The Palm of Your Hand

Typically when you think of a pet, the first thoughts that race to the front of your mind are a dog or a cat. In America, those are the two most common pets to have. However, they are not the only pets you can own. Sometimes the most odd and smallest creatures can warm your heart in unexpected ways. Take a look at these palm-sized pets.


The benefits of having a pet mouse can include minimal shedding and allergens. They are fairly independent and can entertain themselves for hours. However, like most pets, the happiest of pets receive some one on one attention with their owner. If you are thinking about acquiring a pet mouse, make sure you get over your fear of handling it. The can live for up to three years.


Did you know that turtles and tortoises have been on the earth for over 200 million years? If you’re considering a pet turtle, it’s a fun little investment. They can be tricky to care for, but once you get the hang of it are a fun and memorizing pet to have. If well taken care of, a pet turtle can live to be 40 years old!


Having a pet hamster is a great way to teach your kid some responsibility. They are super low maintenance and inexpensive. Hamsters are also relatively clean. They keep themselves busy by keeping their habitat organized. Something to keep in mind before getting a hamster, they love to exercise at night. If you are a light sleeper, you might want to reconsider adopting one of these adorable little creatures.


A pet chipmunk? You can’t be serious. Oh, but I am… totally serious. Although not for everyone, having a chipmunk can be a rewarding experience. As I’m sure you can imagine, a chipmunk is very active. They need a large cage, a varied diet, and defined behavioral treatment. It takes years before they are completely adjusted to you. The cost of owning and maintaining a chipmunk can be expensive. For a proper set up, food, toys, vet visits, and initial cost your looking at anywhere between $500-$1000. If you have the patience and the space, it would be pretty cool to tell people about your pet chipmunk. I mean, dare to be different!

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