Health Benefits of Dog Walking

dog walking

We can all agree that it is both important and beneficial to let the little guy out for a stretch and expose them to the fresh air. However, regular dog walking actually holds more health benefits than you might first initially think.

Energy Release:

You might not think about the living constraints of your house from a dog’s point of view. With the set walls, rooms, and furniture mazes… there is very little room for a dog to explore and let loose. A bored dog is more likely to behave poorly than an exercised tired pup. Dealing with a misbehaved dog on a regular basis can be stressful. Up your daily walks and see the transformation.


The most obvious benefit to dog walking is the exercise factor that both owner and pup get to reap. I am sure you have heard it from your doctors before, but daily exercise can help significantly reduce the chances of cancer. Aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. Not only will exercise help reduce your risks of illness, but they also do the same for your four-legged friend. Walking your dog makes them stronger. Stronger dogs live longer lives. If you look at it that way, it’s a total win-win.

Social Skills:

Socializing is one of the key ingredients to helping your dog develop into a well-rounded pet. Regular exercise and daily walks helps expose them to new people, pooches and surroundings. These new experiences will help them learn and grow. Think about it, if you were locked up in a house all day do you think you would be the person you are today? If walking isn’t your thing, try bringing your pup to a park. Let him run around and interact with other dogs while you interact with other dog owners.

If you can get into a healthy routine, walking your dog won’t be so dreadful. Don’t get me wrong; I know we all have those exhausting days where when we get home the only thing calling your name is the couch. But owning a dog makes being selfish a bit more difficult. try taking it week by week  and set personal goals. Try new trails! Be adventurous! The more fun you have with it the better it will be for both parties.

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