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Lab animals are critical in scientific research, especially in the investigation of diseases that afflict humans and faunae. Records of yore indicate that rats were bred for experimentation as early as the mid-1800s. According to “The Curious History of the Lab Rat,” for almost 200 years tens of millions of rats have played a central role in science, with that number only recently surpassed by mice.

Back in the day, lab animal supplies were limited to instruments used for experimentation. In 1985, amendments to the U.S. Animal Welfare Act mandated that labs pay heed to the psychological well-being of animals by enlarging their enclosures and providing them with stimulation in the form of toys and companions. After all, we use lab animals for their remarkable genetic similarity to humans, and it behooves us to treat them well. And that’s where lab animal supplies become important.

While lab rodents do not require Mickey’s magical Disney World to thrive, their cages must be sized to foster comfortable living. The residents of said cage must also have sufficient space to exercise and explore. In that regard, the Refuge Mouse Hut is a stellar product in our array of lab animal supplies. It offers a cozy and quiet place to rest, clamber upon, or simply explore. The non-toxic material is ideal for shredding (just for a bit of frolic or to construct a nest).

In keeping with Ketchum’s commitment to non-toxic products is our Cocoon Nesting & Bedding Material, an innovative environmental enrichment nesting and bedding product for rodents. The material mimics the natural habitat of rodents and allows these scurrying creatures to fulfill their nesting instincts. In addition, the short fibers of the product are safe for small animals.

Essential Lab Animal Supplies: Mouse Ear Tags

Data collection is fundamental for all laboratory research. Each subject must be uniquely tagged and readily identifiable. While there are times when a researcher may be tempted to provide select animals in his or her care with endearing names, to conduct viable and verifiable research each animal must be numerically tagged to properly log findings. Among our popular lab animal supplies, we offer Mouse Ear Tags in five colors—blue, light blue, green, red, and black. Numbers 1 through 999 can be laser-etched on our reusable and autoclavable Mouse Ear Tags.

The tags are inexpensive and easy to attach. No anesthesia necessary! The animal is subject to only minor distress when the tag is correctly positioned. Mouse ear tags should be placed in the lower half of the ear vertically and the middle third of the ear horizontally, taking care to avoid the area with the highest concentration of capillaries.

According to the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, “The design of animal facilities combined with the appropriate animal housing and management are essential contributors to animal well-being, the quality of animal research and production, teaching or testing programs involving animals, and health and safety of personnel.” The book reiterates that using animals in research “is a trust that mandates responsible and humane care and use of these animals.”

The lab animal supplies at Ketchum help researchers uphold that humane and scientifically sound ideal.

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