5 Tips for Preparing Your Pets for Summer


The northeast battled an endless & difficult winter this year.  And then spring came along… kind of.  It was a short season.  And lacking that nice weather, to say the least.

Let’s hope for a nicer summer, shall we? It’s time to head outside with the pets.  Go on a quest.  Head out for a hike.  Go for a swim.  Take a long run.  But before you do any of that, make sure your pets are prepared.

Take It Easy To Start

You know how you walk out of your house on a hot summer day and it feels like you got hit with heat?  Your pet feels the same way.  Don’t rush into an all-out exercise immediately.  Go out for a few minutes one day, a few more the next day, and start exercising after a few days.

On a similar note, having air conditioning in your house is a good idea.  You might be fine with a few fans in the spots you hang out most, but your pet probably isn’t.

Watch for Sunburns

Did you know that pets should have sunblock too? Yes – there is such a thing as pet-safe sunblock! About.com has a great article about pet-sunburn-prevention.  And just like for humans, being out in the sun for too long isn’t always the greatest idea.  Shade is good!

Note: Shaving most of your pet’s hair isn’t always the best idea.  It makes your pet more prone to sunburns.

Get Your Pet the Rabies Shot!

Rabies tags are what we’re most known for, so trust us on this one.  Summer is the time you really want to keep rabies prevention on your mind.  Wildlife that test positive for rabies are out and about, and you certainly want your pet protected.  Once your pet has the rabies shot, they will be given a rabies tag by your vet.

Prevent Fleas & Ticks

Mosquitoes.  Fleas.  Ticks.  They’re buzzing around everywhere all summer.  And you don’t want your pet to be infested.  Make sure your pet is bathed regularly.  Make sure the inside and outside of your house is kept clean.  And discuss flea/tick collars with your veterinarian.

Keep Water Stocked

H20 is your best friend in the summer.  It’s your pets too.  Make sure your pet is properly hydrated and has enough water at all times.

Follow these tips and you should be good to go!

Lisa Podwirny is the owner of Ketchum Mfg. Connect with her on Google+!

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